The theme this week on Illustration Friday is “Boundaries”  and this recent watercolor of mine came to mind.  Both the medium and the subject here depend upon boundaries.  In watercolor it is difficult to completely control the movement of the pigment, the water is unruly and loves to cross boundaries.  To create the light that beckons you to cross the boundaries of the fallen shadows I worked as if the painting were divided into two parts, the right and the left, and mostly left the center untouched until I neared completion in order to leave the white of the paper as light.  Notice that there is no black.  Warned off it by my previous tutor Susan Gutting, I’m shy to add its cavernous depths to any drawing and choose instead to use blues.


  1. The vibrant colors are beautiful here. The dark edges balance out well with the light center. Also the yellow and purple work well together.

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