“At Edge”


This is my most recent watercolor.  I painted it from a photograph that included my son scooping something out of the pond.  Somehow I forgot the kids’ boots the last time we went and they got covered in mud, so perhaps that’s why I leaned towards the reddish browns in this composition.  There are many odd edges in the painting, the reflecting water, the mud, the lily pads, the trees in the background.  We are at the edge of the pond but no edge seems clearly divided from the next.  Even the reflection of the trees on the pond is a bit unsettling.  Everything feels a bit wet and ready to get into your shoes, the way it actually did when we were there.  There really is no strict edge between boys and mud anyway.  Even when he has his boots on my son manages to fill them with water and sludge.  He never seems to mind.


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