Here ere are some ways that I’ve been incorporating my love of art and a desire to teach letters and numbers and all that good stuff to the kiddos.  I’ll continue to give an update on what books, CDs and projects I find helpful over the year.  Art and the Everyday isn’t just about making art to hang on the walls, it’s about making art in every season of life and encouraging a vision that sees daily activity as art.


1. Snack Sorting and Drawing


I showed my one year old the different shapes and encouraged her to practice saying them.  My two almost three year old was able to match the shapes to my drawings and with help was able to continue the pattern.  My four year old was obsessed with drawing her food.  She is still convinced that a semi-circle is pronounced, “See-my-circle.”


2. Cutting, Gluing, Colors

This was not a project we did with my one-year-old around.  I filled yogurt cups with a bit of glue and water and gave the kids cheepy watercolor brushes to paint the paste with.  Each child had a pair of scissors, a paper with colored circles on it and long strips of construction paper that I instructed them to snip into smaller pieces and glue on the appropriate circles.


3. Lines and Circles


I’ll save for another post why we were focusing on lines and circles.  Here I cut out pictures from old magazines that had clear circle and line elements and encouraged the kids to first draw on the pictures and then to either trace or draw these shapes free hand onto their scratch paper.

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