Bubble Art


I love to come up with art projects to do with my children.  However, every out door project I try seems to deteriorate into the same game.  The kids end up dumping out paint and smearing it together, all the while yelling with glee and splashing it on one another.  This time I prepared everyone by dressing them in swimsuits and turning on the sprinkler beforehand.


Today’s project was bubble art.  I gave each child three yogurt cups with a dollop of red, yellow and blue water color pigment in each.  I then poured bubble solution in each cup and asked them to stir up their paint with their bubble wands.  Immediately my two year old discovered purple as she transfered her wand from the red to the blue cup.  My four year discovered that the yellow pigment looked a little green when some dripped on the table.  Soon my three year old had created orange.  Some bubbles were blown onto the paper where they also scratched designs with their wands.  Soon enough however they were dumping out their cups onto the table and smearing their hands in the then brown slime.  Thankfully the hose was close by.


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