Walter Wick’s “A Drop of Water”


A great success at the library recently was “A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder” illustrated with beautiful photography and written by the talented Walter Wick.  Wick is the creative eye behind the “I Spy” books, also a favorite.  He not only took the pictures in those books but imagined and designed the fantastic settings of visual riddles.  Although not a new book “A Drop of Water,” was new to me and the kids and I absolutely loved it!  After reading it the we were all eager to try and balance a needle on the surface of a glass of water, to watch ice melt and to marvel at the steam from the kettle.  The book includes images of water vapor, bubbles, snowflakes and all sorts of strange and beautiful tricks of water besides.

Why is it so easy to forget the sweet strangeness of our world?  We drink water every day because we have to and forget how simply bizarre it is.  Drinking water can be a lot like a relationship with a familiar friend.  It’s so easy to believe we know someone we spend a great deal of time with.  Like water we need relationships, but also like water the need can eclipse the wonder.  We may grow so used to one view that we no longer see it.  Whether you have children or not, Walter Wick’s photographs will give you that fresh perspective to remind you why you fell in love with water in the first place.

(These photographs are not from the book, they are my own)

glistening droplets

4 thoughts on “Walter Wick’s “A Drop of Water”

  1. When water freezes if it did not expand (and thus float) life would not be possible on earth. Water would freeze, sink and build up essentially ending up with a frozen world. Water is a miracle in so many ways.

  2. Rebecca, I love your blog and art! I can’t begin to express my joy in seeing your work. I love you, dear one!

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