Melting Crayons

Wax Painting

My recent artistic endeavors have been inspired by the fact that Toys R Us offered four packs of crayons for a dollar.  Since nothing in our house stays pristine for long it seemed only natural to blast their factory blessed grandeur into oblivion with my hair dryer.  I showed the kids how we could hold a crayon in front of the blowdryer set to hot.  This quickly melted the tip of the crayon creating a sort of waxy paint.  You can also hold your crayon directly to the paper while melting it for an even more painterly effect.  Of course painting with wax is a long and glorious tradition that includes the stunning Fayum portraits but this was a way even my 2 year old could join in the fun.  To finish we added watercolor washes.  For another interesting effect you can melt the wax once its is on the paper with the hair dryer and brush it at the same time.  Needless to say – if you try this DO BE CAREFUL!  To be as obvious as a McDonald’s coffee cup lid, this project is hot and could burn fingers young and old.


    1. Great! Another thing you can do is take all the little broken up bits and put them in muffin liners in a muffin tin. Pop them in the oven on low (you may need to slowly increase the heat) until they melt. Take them out and when they cool you can pop them out of the liners. They make great fist sized crayons for the 18 month types. You can also put a drinking straw in each “muffin” before you melt them to create a hole. Older kids can then string yarn through and make a crayon necklace.

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