Paint smudge person

“The lesson to be learned must be explicable in terms of truth already known by the learner – the unknown must be explained by the known,” is law number 4 of John Milton Gregory’s “Seven Laws of Teaching.”  And what do we know better than ourselves?  We make houses that fit us and look out windows that frame a perfect human sized vision.  And although it may seem that cars are inhuman because they travel distances that only machines make possible they are still the perfect size for our bodies and usually go exactly where our human desires want to take us.  We look at the world and we see ourselves.  We look at our children and see ourselves. It is a blessing or a downfall?  Christ didn’t tell us to stop loving ourselves, he said to “love our neighbor AS ourselves.”  We can’t help but start with ourselves, Christ doesn’t even say this is a bad thing, but he does urge us to then use our own experiences to enable empathy.

Seeing a person in the picture above makes art out of an accidental spill.  Loving our neighbor as ourselves is another kind of artform.


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