Mourning of Forgotten Dreams

"Mourning of Forgotten Dreams"

Here’s a watercolor sketch for a joint story project I’m doing with a friend.  We’re taking turns painting a picture and then writing the story for the other’s picture.  Honestly it’s a little intimidating.  I used to do this in class with friends in college when we should have been listening to lectures but it was pretty obviously absurd.  Whenever I’ve tried to do something like this more semi-seriously I haven’t followed through – so here’s to my first entry!  This idea was inspired a bit by watching Werner Herzog‘s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.”  I was struck by the idea that the cave paintings showed various motions of animals perhaps so that they would appear to be in motion in the torchlight.

My text for the preceding image is as follows:

Past ages feared the dance of the heavens whereas Hanna had ripped open the entrails of chromosomes and beheld all of destiny ordered, stacked, and interlocked.  The rosy fingered dawn, the haunting of cinnamon, and last night’s sudden kiss: illusions of freedom.

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