So . . . my sister convinced me to try out Pinterest.  If you like you can see my profile here.  I’m still a big fan of a real  bulletin board smothered with invites, photos and sketches.  My first impression is that like Facebook it is a deceptive waste of time that is punctuated by brief flashes of true inspiration.  After pinning things for a bit I went for a walk and stared at the fish in the creek and the butterflies on a thistle bush.  Somehow I didn’t feel I was wasting my time as I waited to see the occasional flash of scales in the setting sunlight.  And although the aimless and awkward flight of the butterflies captivated my attention for far too long my children enjoyed hearing my description of them when I finally rejoined the family for dinner.  There is a wealth of inspiration on the internet that I often feel too overwhelmed by possibility to translate into anything actual.

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