Draw What’s There

Still Life


The endless number of soft focus pictures of perfectly arranged homes can be maddening.  They do look so beautiful but sometimes they just look discouraging.  Anything lovely in a house of four small children that gets used will be sticky and/or broken but at least misplaced before the day is out.

Taking the time to draw reminds me that there is beauty everywhere . . . it is only a matter of slowing down long enough to see it.  Okay, so maybe no one else will find my pile of laundry beautiful but I found that the tangle of lines and colors was a delight to follow with a watercolor brush.  And who knows what future paintings may be influenced by this time of practice?

When you look at many still lives done by the masters you see the oddest things portrayed.  What compels somebody to draw something?  Probably just that it is there and because it is a delight to find joy and beauty where there is none.  It feels like creation ex nihilo.


Finished Chicken




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