The Small

"Small World"

Often the camera is one too many on our family walks.  Along the way I bent down to see a strange and spiky grass blossom and wished I hadn’t neglected to bring her.  Instead of a photograph I have the remains of my brief observation as my son tugged on my arm.  The strangeness of the grass reminded me that there are worlds of wonder to be found in smallness.  Notice this illustration from the Elson-Gray Basic Reader Book Six:

"Elson-Gray Basic Readers Book 6"

If you were given two inches of the world what would you make of it?  We are all given much much more than two inches and yet we can feel cramped in the space we have around us.  When we see and bless our limits the world within them can open into a tiny infinity.

If you are so inspired then please draw something 2 inches x 1/2 inch and leave the link to your work in the comments.

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