Classical Conversations: Art Lessons for Weeks 4 and 5

These lessons could be modified for any age but I designed them with 4-5 year olds in mind.  Week 4’s topic is abstract art and week 5 is perspective.  These are some really broad topics for little ones to grasp.  In my experience children this age are eager to explore and can be easily frustrated when they are trying to draw a certain thing, like a correct “m” for example.  These lessons focus the broad topics suggested in the Classical Conversations program and make them more fun and more accessible for little hands.  I definitely must give credit for my inspiration to both Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children.

For the abstract art lesson, for instance, I suggest hanging up pictures of each of these characters and asking the kids to tell about them:

Abstract ArtAbstract Art

Here is the PDF of the lessons:

Classical Conversations Art week 4&5


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