Usually stencils are bent to the service of folksy art that isn’t quite my style.  Lacking a printing press but obsessed with different forms of printing I decided to try my hand at a more modern take on stencils.  I’ve never been too keen on buying cheep stencils from the store for my kids to mass produce cutesy cut outs.  Instead I’ve been cutting out my own designs from plastic lids.  This was the first time however that I cut out a stencil for myself.

First I sketched a picture on bristol board of my husband as he “slung some code,” is that the proper term?  Then I used an exacto knife to remove the negative space.  Finally I placed an identically sized board beneath the cut out and taped it securely before I began sponging the printing ink.  I added a touch of water to the ink to ensure it slipped through the bitty parts but it sploshed a bit too much around the ear as you can see.

A while ago my husband and I read “Love and Respect,” which wasn’t a very well written book but still had a lot of very helpful things to say about marriage.  In it Dr. Emerson Eggerichs suggests that wives just spend time around their husbands even when they are working alone because a husband is inspired by the presence of his wife.  This advice amused me but I love spending time with my husband and enjoy being around him.  This “hanging around” has inspired many drawings of him staring down his computer.  Have I inspired his code?  I’m not sure . . . 🙂

Slinging Code

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