Edge: A shared border


Here is a lesson plan for reviewing the concepts of edges and negative and positive space.  It can just as easily be printed out as a coloring sheet. Enjoy!

Venus Coloring Sheet

Venus Negative Space

Class Objectives: 1) Review the concept that an edge is a shared border 2) Copy the cartoon of Boticelli’s Venus


1) Hand out the negative space sheet upside down

2) Have students trace the edge between the negative and positive space with a finger (suggest that they imagine what objects or animals the black shapes could represent to really get them to see the negative space)

3) Have students draw the edge the very same size and orientation on their own paper

4) Measure the distances between the edge of the paper and the edge shared by the negative and positive shapes – is it drawn where it should be?

5) Once the student is satisfied hand out the cartoon upside down and have the student complete the drawing.  They may need some coaching along the way but the drawing is already half way done.  The smaller space of the face area gives a better idea of where to place the facial features than if the whole paper was up for grabs!  Encourage the student to keep measuring and checking until satisfied that it is a proper likeness.

6) Color it in! 🙂

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