Christmas Cards Sale

All the Christmas cards and prints in my store are on sale – 75% off with the code MAGICALSALES.  There is no shipping charge for orders over $50.00.  You can click here to order, but make sure to order soon because there are only three days left to get them before Christmas.

My artwork all packed up and ready to sell!

My artwork all packed up and ready to sell!

I recently designed several pieces of art for a friend, Kathryn Brunner, who has come out with a new Christmas album.  It is a beautiful collection of songs with some truly inspirational original pieces and you can find it here.   Since the paintings were directly inspired by her music she suggested that I print a few up as card to sell at her concerts.  So here’s a picture of my cards all printed and packed.  I’m so thankful to her for this opportunity to share my artwork!  If you can’t make it to one of her concerts of if you did but are interested in a different picture, all the designs are available as prints in my zazzle store.


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