Masking Tape

Masking Tape

This is the masking tape I used to create “Exploration,” my entry this week for Illustration Friday.  I’m sure you’ve tried this method before.  You know, a child puts a sticker on the floor right after you mop and then a couple weeks go by before you are able to mop again.  You notice the sticker and peel it back and voila!  But really, who goes a couple weeks without mopping the floor? 🙂  Me!  Especially when all I seem to be doing is chasing down one small man who wants to crawl up anything he can get his hands on and one crazy girl who keeps taking her diaper off but won’t put anything in the potty!

Balancing Act

Anyway, the effect so disgusting and convicting on the kitchen floor can be striking and lovely in a watercolor.  Simply cut out a shape in tape and then place it on the white of the paper.  After playing with many layers of washes you can remove the tape and reveal the paper’s striking white.  You could also do this with children.  Watercolor medium is so cheap and of all the painting options for kids virtually mess free.  Hmm . . . that gives me an idea – I might post about that next

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