Christmas Tree Preschool Art


Christmas Tree 1

As promised, here’s a craft using the masking technique with kids.  For this project you will need paper, watercolors and artist tape.  Artist tape is less tacky than the kind of masking tape you pick up at the grocery store.  It is less likely to rip the paper when you pull it up.  You can use watercolor paper for this project if you like.  I cut up old Trader Joe’s bags.  They are my go-to craft supply.

1. Cut out a christmas tree (this could be done by a preschooler if you want to make the project take longer though you should draw the template first)

2. Stick little bits of tape all over the tree (my kids ages 2-5 were getting frustrated by trying to rip the tape into small pieces themselves so I ripped the pieces up and handed them out for them to stick to their trees)

Masking Tape Tree

Masking tape and marker tree

3. Color the tree all over with green marker (this gives the impression of a pine needle texture and is an added step that increases the project time)

Watercolor Christmas tree

4. Paint the tree green with watercolor (My two and four year olds decided to paint their trees all different colors)

Remove Tape


5. WHEN DRY remove the tape and paint in different colors (or if you already painted the tree many colors just remove the tape)

Christmas Tree 2

6. For a finishing touch we pasted foil stars to the tops of the trees.  (The foil was very delicate and tears ensued when some ripped, so good thing I had cut out extras.  I think a star sticker would work just as well if not better!)

If you try this with your kids please include a link to your project in the notes or let me know how it turned out! 🙂

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