The Giant with no Heart in His Body

The Giant without a Heart in his Body

The Barefoot Books podcast has a slew of fantastic stories to listen to.  We often listen to stories during breakfast and lunch to help keep the kids focused on eating rather than playing.  Before the meal while I am getting it ready or sometimes afterwards I give out coloring sheets that are linked with the story.  This has always worked out very well.  I’m thankful for my past experience as a third grade teacher as I now care for my four preschool children.  Many of the same tricks work!

Here is a coloring sheet that I sketched from this picture.  The picture is full of hidden creatures and strange intricacies.  It reminds me very much of a print in my mother’s house which you can see below.

Fear and Courage

2 thoughts on “The Giant with no Heart in His Body

  1. This is wonderful! I have two lil ones and for some reason sketching my own coloring pages have never crossed my mind … it’s a great idea. I’m sure they will love it. And a good way to sneek in some more art into these busy mommy lives we lead 😉

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