Not According to Plan

Canadian Goose

Often when my five year old daughter gets frustrated with herself I remind her that “sometimes the mistake is the masterpiece.”  I am much more likely to see the beauty in her mistakes than in my own.  I had been looking forward to getting the kids in bed so that while my husband coded I could play with gelatin printing.  The plan was to use this photograph that I had taken earlier and to make a print with several layers of ink.

Instead of planning on exactly what I wanted to create I just sort of dove in and then was immediately disappointed.  I was disappointed because I didn’t create whatever it was that I had never fully visualized.  After stepping away I can see that there is some good in it and I can also see that if there is something specific I want to create I should take the time to plan it out.  If there is not a specific goal and the point is to have fun then why be upset when it doesn’t turn out exactly as I had expected?  I can always learn from my mistakes and I must remember just as I tell my children that sometimes the mistake is the masterpiece.

Have you ever stepped away from a “mistake” only to find out later that it was worthwhile?  Please share your story or add a link in the comments.



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