Stencil Hearts

Stencil Hearts


Recently we’ve been having some fun with stencil and stamps.  Stencils and stamps are two different techniques of printmaking so combining the two is just so much extra fun!  First cut out a template from a piece of construction paper and place another pice of construction paper beneath it.  Tape both sheets to the table tightly.  If the paper rips when you lift it up you will only be damaging the stencil and this way if you are doing this project with kids the paper below won’t slip around.  You can use just about anything to stamp with.  If you don’t have store bought stamps then try erasers, marshmallows or thumbprints.  Try combining different colors or placing one stencil on top of another.  The possibilities are endless!  If you don’t have stamp pads you could try using finger paint instead.  Happy printing!

Please include a link with your project in the comments if you try this.

Heart Stencil




  1. Fun! I am going to try this stencil idea with my kids…although I think we will just color with crayons inside the heart opening instead of doing stamps. Maybe we’ll get some passable valentines for the grandmas. 🙂

    1. With small ones scribble scrabble inside a stencil heart looks so cute. You can also just let them scribble a whole sheet and then fold it in half as a card and cut out a heart in the front to let their art peek through.

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