Preschool: Concept of Half

Concept of Half


RightStart Mathematics has been everything I would hope for in a Kindergarten/Preschool math curriculum.  It introduces number concepts with the abacus so that even my two year old has been somewhat interested as well as many other math related concepts such as order, comparison, days of the week, half, reflection, etc.  It’s very hands on and although I didn’t buy all the manipulatives they have been very easy for the most part to make for myself or improvise.


This last week we learned about the concept of half.  One of the projects for the lesson was to cut a variety of shapes in half.  This was a great project and a great excuse for me to practice my Adobe Illustrator skills.  The templates are included in the RightStart Mathematics workbook, but since I have to make three copies I thought I might as well make up and print my own.

Preschool Shapes

Preschool Shapes

Here is my template.  This makes a great coloring sheet as well.  The kids cut their pieces in half and then we pretended that they were cookies and we were sharing the halves.  By the way, if you are curious as I was how to draw triangles in Illustrator here’s what you do.  First select the polygon tool and then click on your drawing once without actually drawing anything.  A window will pop up and then you can select how many sides you want your polygon to have.

These would also be fun templates to play with as stencils or for gelatin printing . . . maybe we’ll do that.


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