Shadow Sketch


Sketch fast

Will the sun last?

Sketch quicker

The shadows flicker

The sun is gone

The drawing done


This is a continuation of my resolution to make one observation of the outdoors each day during the kids’ nap time in words, a photograph or a sketch.  At first I had the energy to make some delicate little sketches but since we’ve all been hit by the everlasting flu I haven’t had much desire to keep at it.  I decided to stick to it and lower my standards as to what counted as “an observation.”  It doesn’t have to be grand or profound – it just has to happen. I hope that after six months of this practice the words and images will compound into something of a beautiful whole.  I won’t be posting everything – probably only one observation a week will make it to the blog.


Deck Shadows, Brown Sharpie on Target’s Kid Made Modern Paper

2 thoughts on “Shadow Sketch

  1. Ah sweet Becca, this too will pass! You never cease to amaze me with all you accomplish. May God bless all of you with good health, rest and renewed energy. Love you!

    • Thank you Roberta. I think we are almost free of the flu . . . with a family this large I’m always afraid though that by the time it gets through to #6 it will have mutated and hit #1 again! 🙂

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