Hidden Picture Answer

This one was not for kids.  I’m going to post a series of photographs here that walk you through how to find the hidden picture I posted several days ago.    You can scroll through until a step where you “get it” to figure it out yourself or scroll through to the end to see the answer.  Enjoy!


1. Print out the design and cut it into quarters

Cut into quarters

2. Rearrange the quarters so that the white border of the paper now makes a white cross

White Cross

3. Trim the white edges and tape the paper together into a reunited whole

Hidden picture


4. Look for the picture of a dove above a castle now

Hidden Picture Answer


Here is the whole picture revealed, although there are also other designs incorporated throughout the doodle:

Hidden Picture Revealed


I began the doodle with this picture working my way out.  In order to fill every edge of the picture and to make it a repeating pattern I made it into the image that I previously posted.  To see a more full explanation on how to create a repeating pattern you can refer to this previous post.




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