Anatomical Drawing

Sunday I had my first anatomical drawing class at The Art League in Alexandria.  It is going to be fantastic!  The instructor, Athanasios Papapostolou, first had us draw the model in several positions without any instruction so that he could observe our approach to drawing.  It was a little nerve wracking and since I only registered for the course on Saturday I didn’t bring any of the proper materials.  Thankfully the kind lady next to me lent me some paper and I used my own pencils instead of charcoal.  Here are my first attempts:


Kind of blah – I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing but I tried to use the sight size method.  Next we took a bit of a break (thank goodness because my arm was killing me!) and then he spent some time explaining terms.  The most fascinating part for me was when he stood a skeleton next to the model and pointed out certain points in the bone structure that then cause shadows on the model.  I began to see things that I had never noticed before which is exactly what I have always found so exhilarating about drawing.  After the instruction we finished by drawing four poses side by side.  I had learned before about the “ideal figure” being eight heads high but not that it is helpful to portray a figure as eight heads high in order to overcome optical illusions.  You can see the figures below look much less squatty and blah:


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