Drawing with the Masters

As part of my homework for my anatomical drawing class I am copying drawings of faces.  Although I have meant to focus on improving my drawing for some time this class is exactly the motivation I have been needing to make practice a priority.  Here’s what I’ve done so far this week:








As I mentioned previously, in class we have been focusing on the bone and muscle structure of the human body by studying both a skeleton and a human model.  We have not been focusing on the mechanics of how to shade and which medium to use, etc.  Since I felt that I needed a bit of a review I also watched Carrie Stuart Parks’ Drawing Realistic Faces Workshop.  (heres a clip) Here’s a list of what I found most helpful from that video:

1) Overview of her preferred materials (I always love seeing what different artists use and how they use their materials, Mrs. Parks is particularly obsessed with mechanical pencils and electric erasers which give her drawings an excessively precise look)

2) Facial proportions (these are not fixed rules and of course the rules only work when looking directly at a face or in profile but they are helpful nonetheless)

3) Shading tips (Stumps are for broad areas and you use the side of the stump in only one direction and tortillions are for tiny areas, this review really helped my shading abilities)

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