On Saturday I tried my hand at photographing puppies for the first time.  Their breeder asked if I could photograph all six puppies together.  This proved impossible but I did manage to get some fantastic individual shots as well as some of five puppies together.  Before they arrived I had researched a little bit and knew that often pet photographers have their subjects play for a while before they try to get some good shots.  In this way the animals get some energy out and get used to the camera.  This was not the best solution for the puppies.  After a one hour car ride to my house they were only still for the first few moments out of the crate.  After the initial disorientation of being in a new place they were scattered about my fenced in yard exploring everything.  Nothing – not even treats or a bowl of water – could lure all of the puppies into one place at one time!   Here’s one of my favorite individual shots:


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