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Vegitable Faith



Despite the worst of entropy

A bean will burst in ecstasy

Divine delight

A lumbar leap

Invisible, yet constant flight


Sleeping Sunflower

Just before the bloom I remember the seed

Sleeping Sun

Morning Glory


She wears her evening gown to breakfast.



Ghost Leaf

Ghost Leaf 4


I first scanned the image of a leaf my son found on a walk then severely altered the colors.

Sun Prints

Screw Loose Cyanotype

A month or two ago my husband took the kids – all four kids – for a weekend adventure.  While they were gone I took a trip to the National Art Gallery and while there picked up a sun print kit to do with the kids.  The other day when my husband was traveling I knew that an easy mess free art project was in order both to energize my spirit and to occupy the troops.  I think my own mother had done this project with us when we were kids – I remembered loving it. Basically it’s a super easy project.  All you do is ask the kids to gather a few interesting specimens from around the yard and then lay these on top of one of the sheets of treated paper.  After a brief exposure on a bright sunny day of about one minute the image is ready for a bath in tap water and then voila!

Sun Splash Cyanotype

Before we dove in I did a little research and discovered that there are various methods for darkening the Prussian Blue and for lightening it.  Usually, it’s my understanding, a bath of hydrogen peroxide before the final water rinse will darken the color.  In my experience with these prints a spray of hydrogen peroxide (undiluted) before the water rinse bleached out the image but an application after the water rinse slightly darkened the color.  The white splashes in the above image are the result of hydrogen peroxide.  For more information on the process and for a site that sells chemicals to make your own chemical solution to treat the paper with see here.

Lace Cyanotype


On Saturday I tried my hand at photographing puppies for the first time.  Their breeder asked if I could photograph all six puppies together.  This proved impossible but I did manage to get some fantastic individual shots as well as some of five puppies together.  Before they arrived I had researched a little bit and knew that often pet photographers have their subjects play for a while before they try to get some good shots.  In this way the animals get some energy out and get used to the camera.  This was not the best solution for the puppies.  After a one hour car ride to my house they were only still for the first few moments out of the crate.  After the initial disorientation of being in a new place they were scattered about my fenced in yard exploring everything.  Nothing – not even treats or a bowl of water – could lure all of the puppies into one place at one time!   Here’s one of my favorite individual shots: